7 Feisty Emojis You Can Use to Speak Your Mind!

Ever found yourself in a spot where you have to speak your mind? It could be a hard truth that a friend needs to hear, an honest misunderstanding, or a conversation with someone who keeps missing the point. Regardless of the situation, sending an appropriate emoji will help your reader get a better understanding of what you’re trying to say. That said, it would help a lot to know the different emojis you could use and when to use them!

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at seven different emojis that include the Lying Face, Shushing, and Thinking emojis–as well as the Talking emoji! You would notice that these emojis will appear less subtle and more direct, so remember to use them only when you need to be feisty, sassy, or plain honest. And hopefully, your recipient finally gets the message you want to get across. Let’s start!

1.  The Lying Face Emoji When You Start Hearing Lies

It sure feels good listening to lies when you are well aware of the truth. Usually, it’s easier to keep quiet and watch others spread lies. However, it’s a different story if it involves someone you care about.

Added in 2016, the lying face emoji is the ideal icon to use when pointing out that someone in a conversation is telling a lie. The emoji is a yellow face with a small frown, large eyes, and a long nose. The long nose signifies what happens to the classic cartoon character Pinocchio, whose nose would grow longer whenever he would tell a lie.

With that, you can send the emoji itself, or along with a message, alerting people about an exaggeration, a half-truth, or lie. Much yet, to alert people about a certain liar. Or if you’re brave enough, send the emoji straight to the liar!

2.  The Face with Hand Over Mouth Emoji When Speaking a Hard Truth

This emoji is usually used to express shock after hearing about something unexpected, whether it’s positive or negative. However, you can also use it after sharing an honest opinion, constructive criticism, or any bitter pill you think might be too much for your recipient. It is truthful nonetheless! But you’re just showing how much you understand, that it could be too much or too heavy for them to accept.

The Face With Hand Over Mouth emoji was added back in 2017, and it is a yellow face with round eyes and a hand covering its mouth. When you send this emoji after saying a hard truth, there is a good chance that your recipient would feel less anxious. It is somehow because they could feel relief that you told them something that wasn’t easy to say. If you’re lucky, they might even thank you for being straightforward and speaking your mind!

3.  The Shushing Face Emoji to Ask Someone to Keep Things Secret

Shared a secret by accident? Whether you spilled some beans by accident or on purpose, send the Shushing Face emoji! This emoji added back in 2017 is a yellow face with slightly squinting eyes and a shut mouth with an index finger over it. This gesture is used when requesting someone to hush down or keep something secret.

That said, sending the Shushing Face emoji is a way to express your vulnerability with someone. This can explicitly convey that what you just said is a confidential matter, which you wouldn’t want another soul to know.

4.  The Grinning Face with Sweat Emoji When Asking Favors

It’s not easy to ask for a favor or to call in a chit from someone, especially when there’s a chance that they’ll reject you. It pretty much depends on the scenario, but if it’s a not-so-serious one, the Grinning Face with Sweat emoji is a cute and humble way to lighten up any message.

Added in 2015, this emoji can candidly depict sincere embarrassment or bashfulness when you are asking a favor. Hopefully, your recipient would say yes! Expressing that you’re shy with the help of this emoji can help break any tension or awkwardness that could come from making such requests!

5.  The Thinking Face Emoji When Second-Guessing Something or Someone

Are you reading a message or social media post that doesn’t look too credible? If so, you can utilize the Thinking Face emoji to show that you’re feeling skeptical. It doesn’t matter if you are to send the emoji itself as a stand-alone message or along with your thoughts. It’s because anyone who receives this is likely to second-guess themselves or what they said.

The Thinking Face emoji was added in 2015, which appears as a yellow face with round eyes, furrowed brows, and its hand as though scratching its chin. Take note that it could come across as passive-aggressive, but it works when showing disbelief or skepticism.

6.  The Person Shrugging Emoji to Show You Don’t Give Two Cares

Ready to get sassier? Show that you (don’t care) or that you have no idea or interest in a topic that someone brings up. The Person Shrugging emoji, added in 2016, is either a boy or a girl in a long sleeve t-shirt with lifted shoulders and palms facing up.

You can express how aloof you are with this emoji, especially if your friends are going over the same drama. Or, you want to throw in the white flag to say that you give up and can’t keep up with the conversation. You don’t even have to say anything. Just send this emoji, and your reader would easily know what mood you’re in.

7.  The Talking Emoji When Something Needs to Be Preached

When using this emoji, this icon could be the feistiest you’ll ever be. Also known as the Speaking Head With Silhouette emoji, the Talking emoji shows the image of a head with lines of speech coming out of its mouth. This emoji was added in 2014. It is perhaps the ideal emoji when stressing an important point that your reader still doesn’t seem to get.

Whether it’s speaking up about the Black Lives Matter movement, feminism, among other relevant and pressing issues that are near and dear to your heart, this emoji would hopefully convey that you mean business. It could be used for such serious topics or may be used along with a PSA (public service announcement) that needs to be heard by your readers or other people in general. That said, preach what needs to be preached with this emoji–and do it with flair!


Texting and online messaging can get tricky, and it can sometimes be difficult to get your point across. This is because your readers sometimes don’t see your emotions and non-verbal cues in plain text. Though thankfully, emojis can be used to add context and sass when getting any message across. If you want to know more about how to use a specific emoji in a certain situation, be sure to visit EmojiGuide.com for more help!

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