7 Expert Tips for PC Gaming Newbies

Are you brand new to PC gaming?

At first glance, it can seem quite intimidating. It’s not as simple as hooking a box to a TV and flipping on the power switch. There’s a lot to learn but don’t fret, we’ve got your back.

We’ve listed several crucial tips for PC gaming to help you get started. Learn which accessories to get and more with our in-depth guide below:

  1. Build the Right Rig

Of the listed gaming tips for PC here, building the right rig is the most crucial. You won’t be able to enjoy modern games if your PC can’t run them, after all.

Unfortunately, PC parts can look like a bunch of gibberish to people unaccustomed to the jargon. To sum it up, you need four crucial parts:

  • Processor (CPU)
  • Graphics Card (GPU)
  • Memory (RAM)
  • SSD hard drive

Start with the latest generation of Intel i7 processor or a Ryzen 7. For your graphics card, an Nvidia 2080 is a decent middle ground but you can go for better options like the RTX 3090. Start with 8 GB RAM but work your way up to 32 GB RAM.

An SSD hard drive is faster and more efficient compared to the old HDD. Get a 2 TB SSD since most games today require a lot of space for installation and updates.

  1. Have a Comfortable Setup

Do you plan to play for tournaments or to become a professional streamer on Twitch? If you do, you’ll have to game for hours. Comfort and health tips for PC gaming should be a top priority.

Start by getting a good gaming chair. Make sure to get one that offers a decent headrest and lumbar support. A reclining chair is also a good option because it lets you take a rest even while you’re gaming.

Buy a mousepad with a cushion for your wrist. For more comfort, look for padded armrests you can attach to your gaming chair.

  1. Gaming Accessories

No list of PC gaming tips for beginners feels complete without a good list of accessories.

Your priority is a good headset. You’ll wear it for hours so make sure it produces the sounds you desire without sacrificing comfort. The Arctis SteelSeries headsets are a staple for many professional gamers.

A good gaming mouse and a backlit mechanical keyboard are also important. Look for a mouse with additional buttons so that you can customize your hotkeys.

Complete your game room setup by getting a few LED lights and shelves to keep things organized.

If you play a lot of action games, you’ll also need a good controller. There’s nothing wrong starting with Microsoft’s controllers for the Xbox consoles.

  1. Manage Your Digital Library

Gone are the days of physical media for PC gaming. While consoles like the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 5 still use physical games, it’s now a digital landscape for PC players. Even old retro games rely on digital installers now.

That said, it’s nice to keep everything organized. You can simplify this by sticking with digital stores like Steam, GOG, and the Epic Game Store. Not only do you get to organize your library of digital games but these platforms also let you leave reviews or discuss mods and walkthroughs or strategies with other players.

Steam has the largest library of available games so you should start there. GOG is the platform for people fond of old, retro titles.

The Epic Games Store is home to some iconic exclusives, such as Fortnite. You also get free games every month on the Epic Games Store.

  1. Multiple Monitors

Using multiple monitors isn’t a gimmick to look fancy. You’ll need multiple monitors if you plan to record or stream. Even if you don’t, a second screen is a good way to stay in touch with the people you play with.

The primary screen should be for your games. Use a monitor with a high resolution and high refresh rate.

Your secondary screen is for recording and editing tools like OBS and Premiere Pro. You can also use it for monitoring Twitch subscribers, live chat, and different social media pages.

  1. Build a Community

One of the most crucial PC gaming tips is to never play alone. This applies even to people who love offline, single-player games. Build or join a community and get in touch with other fans.

Join a Discord server or make one. Invite people who love the games you play and discuss with them.

For people who stream, building a community is essential for success. Your Discord server and social media pages will be the hotspots to connect with your followers and subscribers.

Announce your schedule and let them know when you go live. Reward people who stay active in the community. Give them exclusive access to exclusive gaming streams and subscriber-only channels for chatting.

  1. Monitor and Maintain Your PC

Follow maintenance tips for PC gaming beginners because you need to keep your rig in tip-top shape. A gaming PC carries a heavy load whenever it runs modern video games, due to all the processing requirements, so help it out with good maintenance.

Monitor for viruses and flush them out when you spot them. The same goes for malware and any other malignant infections on your PC.

Open your PC every few weeks to physically clean the fans and re-do the cables. Keep everything organized to prevent any mishaps. If necessary, take your gaming rig to an expert and let them perform a PC checkup to ensure your PC is at its peak.

Follow These Tips for PC Gaming Today

Gaming with a PC has its perks but it requires a lot of work before you can sit down and have fun. Follow these tips for PC gaming, however, and you’ll already be on the right track. It’s now a matter of putting these tips together.

But why stop with these PC gaming tips?

If you liked this guide and want more, we can provide tons of other posts and lists. Feel free to dig through our library for guides covering technology, entertainment, and more!

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