7-Eleven Property for Sale: Are They a Good Investment?

Commercial real estate has become a fast rising sector in the real estate industry. One major CRE area most investors are rushing is triple net lease properties like 7-Eleven and other convenience stores.


Buying a 7-Eleven property is a profitable real estate investment with several benefits including limited management of the property and steady passive income. 7-Eleven, Incorporated is an American multinational series of convenience stores. The headquarters of the enterprise is situated in Dallas, Texas.


According to a July 2020 report, the company runs 71,000 stores in 17 countries. 7-Eleven convenience stores specialize in the retail of various products. Some of these commodities include beverages, candy, prepared food, dairy products, gasoline, and snacks.


Concerning these realities, one can secure a good 7-Eleven property for sale through an NNN Deal Finder. Most of the available 7-Eleven properties for sale are gasoline retailer filling stations. Nonetheless, a considerable amount of 7-Eleven non-gasoline convenience stores could also be purchased.


It’s also noteworthy that 7-Eleven properties’ lease durations range from 10 to 20 years. In addition to this information, the rental fees typically bump by almost 10 to 15 percent every five years.


As efficient real estate brokers, we’ve compiled a list of purchasable 7-Eleven properties. Do you desire a decent 7-Eleven property? If yes, then take a look at this directory of 7 Eleven for sale.

7 Reasons Why 7-Eleven Properties Are a Good Investment

The question of whether 7-Eleven properties are a good investment or not is highly significant.  Investors that rush into ventures without asking similar questions are likely to incur losses. Now, back to the pending question, 7-Eleven properties come with bunches of benefits.


Some of the reasons to consider investing in 7-Eleven properties are:

  • Impressive Vehicle Traffic and Business-Friendly Locales

One advantage of investing in 7-Eleven properties is that they have an excellent amount of vehicle traffic. Despite the property type, 7-Eleven locations amass vehicle traffic of 25,000 daily on average. This amount of vehicle traffic is healthy for business and substantially profitable.


Furthermore, 7-Eleven properties are generally situated in business-friendly neighborhoods. This tactical action has considerably contributed to the corporation’s reputation as a successful enterprise.


Its gas stations are usually located in busy areas. Again, its non-gasoline convenience stores are normally fitted into favorable places, for instance, retail malls.


Hence, it’s sensible to be part of the 7-Eleven corporation.

  • Corporation’s Popularity

It’s a proven fact that famous businesses attract more customers and profits. In light of this truth, 7-Eleven is a well-known company specializing on gas stations and convenience stores. The relative abundance of 7-Eleven stores in the United States helped the corporation gain its fame. So, it’s safe to say that at least a member of most American families has heard about the company.


Over the years, the popularity of 7-Eleven, Incorporated and its products have increased tremendously. The company is also highly likely to retain its marketplace reputation in the future. Thus, it’ll be a prudent move to invest in the 7-Eleven franchise.

  • Highly Demanded Products

A company that’s involved in the retail of highly demanded commodities usually blooms.  7-Eleven happens to be consistent with this reality. The company engages in the retail of gasoline and household products, such as beverages, snacks, dairy, etcetera.


Since 7-Eleven sells highly demanded products, its stores are flooded with lots of customers. The existence of numerous customers in a store is proportional to enormous profits. Therefore, purchasing a 7-Eleven property presents a lucrative business endeavor.


Again, the company products are a huge part of American culture. Some of its most popular products, the SLURPEE® drink, the BIG GULP®,  and the BIG BITE®, are remarkably consumed in many American homes.

  • Company’s Achievements and Attractive History

Ever since its establishment in 1927 as Tote’m Stores, 7-Eleven has boasted of several achievements. The corporation has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine’s Annual Franchise 500. On 17 occasions, it has been part of the top 10 ranking.


Similarly, the company has been credited with retailing some of the largest sodas in the USA. It’s also touted for introducing to-go coffee cups and providing a self-serve soda fountain. Again, it’s one of the first convenience store chains to have a 24-hours operation daily.


Considering these accomplishments, it’s evident that it’s a good idea to buy the 7-Eleven franchise.

  • Fair Lease Duration

An important factor to consider when acquiring a real property is its lease duration. It’s advantageous to secure a real property with a sufficient lease duration. In line with these facts, the 7-Eleven properties for sale generally have a reasonable lease duration. The properties’ lease duration usually ranges from ten to 20 years.


Several studies have shown that ten years is adequate for a lease contract. This information indicates that one could make enough profits from a leased property within 10 to 20 years.


Furthermore, there are various 7-Eleven ground lease properties for sale. Consequently, one could take advantage of this opportunity and earn respectable profits.

  • The Company Has a Good Reputation

Again, what could be more attractive to customers than a company with a good reputation? Over time, 7-Eleven Incorporated has established a good name for itself.


Customers typically applaud the products and services of the corporation. The enterprise is also lauded for its decent, reliable, and ethical operations.


Accordingly, it’s profitable to acquire a 7-Eleven property for sale because of the company’s magnetic reputation.

  • Admirable Revenues

Another impressive element of 7-Eleven Incorporated is its revenues. As of 2019, the company is estimated to have a revenue of $18.66 billion. On average, each 7-Eleven store makes about $1.4 million in their sales yearly.


Thus, the immense revenues that could be generated from the stores make 7-Eleven properties lucrative.


At this point, you’re informed of the benefits of purchasing a 7-Eleven property for sale. So, don’t shy away from acquiring a 7-Eleven property for yourself. There are several 7-Eleven properties you could secure within the US. As aforementioned, you can discover these available properties in the listing we’ve put together.


To secure a satisfactory 7-Eleven property; contact us at NNN Deal Finder. We’re a reliable buyer’s broker with our client’s best interests in mind.


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