7 Beaches for a sunkissed getaway in Seychelles

It’s no surprise that the Seychelles Islands are one of the world’s most beautiful and visited islands. I mean, the beaches are lovely, there are several things to partake in,  whether alone or with others, and you couldn’t ask for a better place for pictures and content on your social media platforms.

Beau Vallon

With the azure blue ocean, fluffy sand, and interesting granite boulders, the beaches of Seychelles are unquestionably among the most beautiful in the world.

The fact that all of the beaches in Seychelles are public, and you can enter them even if they are on the grounds of hotels, is something we really loved (partly with prior permission).

There are various beach hotels in Mahé, Seychelles some of which include the heartwarming and serene Story Seychelles. View their website for multiple offers and knock yourself out.

Carana Beach

Carana Beach is located on Mahé’s North shore, in a beautiful, calm bay. Although the beach is barely 250 meters long, it is frequently deserted. It’s the ideal spot for a relaxing beach Staycation.

Here, guests can reside at Carana Beach Hotel, it has a  contemporary design that has a light, fresh feel to it, and it complements the coastal location with a stylish yet relaxed ambiance. Each apartment has a big balcony and is built to take advantage of the hillside views of the lagoon. Yes, you’re thinking about it, book that trip to Seychelles.

Anse Royale

Relax on the beach in Anse Royale, surrounded by palm trees and crystal pure water. Swim in the quiet ocean or take a walk on the smooth sand.

Snorkeling in this area is a fantastic way to view the underwater world. Bring your own food to the beach for a shore picnic, or dine at one of the surrounding eateries.

Because the entrance to the ocean is relatively shallow, it is also very suited for bathing and is home to the best beach resorts in Mahe, Seychelles. Furthermore, the beach also has a plethora of fish circling the rocks and a little offshore island.

Police Bay

Police Bay, Mahé’s southernmost beach, was one of the Island’s most beautiful destinations.

To reach here, you’d need to park your personal or rental car near the Chemin Grande Police’s bend, which is where the path to Petite Police Beach begins.

The beach is simply scenic, with the combination of aged coral and little pools that appear on the shore creating a distinctive appearance.

Police Bay’s attractiveness may be difficult to discern until you visit, as the beach appears to have little to offer in words.

The distinctive environment here, however, stands in stark contrast to the gorgeous golden beaches seen everywhere in Seychelles, making it a welcome break for those staying in the country for an extended period of time.

Baie Lazare Beach

The crescent-shaped bay of Baie Lazare Beach is named after the Seychelles explorer Lazare Picault. It has a lagoon and is flanked by palm trees, making it one of Mahé’s most beautiful beaches.

It offers a fantastic snorkeling area where you can explore both the lagoon and the outer face of the reef, which is partially protected by a barrier reef.

The Kempinski Seychelles Resort dominates Lazare Bay Beach, providing easy access to the snorkeling location.

Even if you are not staying at the hotel, you can eat there. Other places to eat can be found around Anse Gouvernement Road (the public beach access), albeit the selection is restricted.

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Petite Anse 

Petite Anse beach is located on Mahe island’s western coast, in a small stunning bay. The resort, which is part of the Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, is one of the most picturesque on the island.

The fine white sand is found throughout the coast, and the ocean water is crystal clear and turquoise.

On the beach, tourists enjoy sunbathing, windsurfing and surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. The resort is not suited for swimming since the ocean has a strong current, large waves, and the wind blows.

High granite rocks line the beach’s border, providing stunning views of the bay, boulders, and tropical vegetation.

Port Launay

The Port Launay National Park is located on the North-West Coast of Mahe and is one of the best beaches for swimming and Snorkelling in Seychelles. This protected area is home to magnificent corals and countless species of colorful fish.

There is also plenty of shade, provided by the numerous trees that fringe this protected bay. There are multiple restaurants you could opt to eat at with delicious lunch and refreshing cocktails.

If you’re looking for a little soul searching and ways to enjoy yourself alone in Seychelles then these are places to keep in mind.

For unbeatable luxurious accommodation and to experience the best beach bars in Seychelles, make your way to Story Seychelles, we guarantee it’s the perfect cherry on the cake.

In the end, visiting a Seychelles island is a resounding achievement. There are several activities, aquatic sites, and picnic spots to choose from, and each day brings new activities to add to your to-do list not.

These destinations have some of the best beach hotels in Seychelles.

We give these and other destinations two thumbs up. Have a wonderful time in Seychelles.

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