6 Ways You Can Turn Your Passion for Music into A Career

After the emergence of the global pandemic, life has been put into perspective for many of us. Instead of working in our 9-5 corporate roles, some of us have noticed that life is too short to not turn our real passions into careers.

Music is a passion that a lot of us share and you might have been wondering how you can make that into a career; look no further. Here are six ways that you can turn your musical passion into a creditable career.

Start Writing Music

It’s ok to dream about being a musician but if you don’t have any songs then how are you going to get started? Writing music is key and it takes a lot of time and patience to create a song that you think is perfect. It can feel like a huge challenge at the start but with the help of songwriting tips that you can easily find online, you’ll be able to find inspiration. Before you know it, you’ll be writing music until the early hours of the morning.

It is important to note that you don’t want your music to sound like artists that are already out there. Give your listeners something different and new and don’t be afraid to try out a totally unique sound. This could be what sets you aside from others in the industry. If you like writing but don’t want to perform then writing for other artists is always a career option that you can explore. Connecting with the right artists can soon propel you into a popular circle and before you know it your services will be in high demand.

Find A Local Recording Studio

Investing into your own audio equipment can be a financial challenge for many people. Luckily, if you don’t have the funds to invest straight away then you can find a recording studio in Los Angeles with the help of Pirate who offer premium recording studios with some of the best high-quality equipment available. You can book a space today and start recording/producing tracks.

Recording studios like these are a great way for you to explore your creativity and help you to delve headfirst into your music career. You may also come across other musicians in the industry and it can be a good opportunity for you to make connections and build rewarding relationships.

Learn How to Promote Your Music

Promoting your music is essential if you want to make it into a fully-fledged career. It is unlikely that anyone will jump into a record deal straight away so you want to learn how to promote yourself and ask yourself how you will distribute your music online.

Social media gives you the opportunity to generate a big following. Platforms like YouTube are a great way for you to share your music with a large audience and you can upload music videos that you have made to showcase your creativity and personality. Instagram is another popular platform and provides you with the opportunity to hold live streams where you can really connect with your audience and share news of upcoming releases. Check out this complete guide to social media for musicians to help get you started.

Perform Live

This tip won’t apply to everyone, especially if you are looking to only write or produce music. However, if you are an artist that wants to make their mark on the music scene then it is crucial that you start performing live. No matter how small a gig may be, as long as you can acquire one new listener, it was a success. Local open mic nights are a good place to start. They are a great way to make connections and if you make a good enough impression then you may get booked for a regular slot to support other musicians.

When it comes to performing live, you have to go in with the notion that you are starting small in order to work your way up. Unfortunately, a career in the music industry isn’t easy and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get you where you need to be. Those small local gigs can soon turn to huge crowds if you put your mind to it.

Start A Music Blog

If performing isn’t your thing but you have a passion for music writing, then starting a blog could become another career avenue for you to explore. Blogs are a great source of information and listeners will flock to them to find information on their favorite artists and upcoming releases. If you already have knowledge of the industry, then you should be using this to your advantage to create a blog.

There are proven ways to make money through blogging and all it takes is some quick online research to find out how. From affiliate marketing to selling advertising space, you could be missing out on a lot of potential income. It’s time to put down that pen and pick up your nearest PC and get blogging.

Work For Local Concerts and Festivals

Starting your career in the music business can be daunting. It is a tough industry to crack. It doesn’t hurt to reach out and offer to work at local concerts, music events and festivals. Here, you can use this as an opportunity to network and make connections with other people in the industry. When it comes to the music industry, connections are crucial. Just one chat with the right person can lead you to an opportunity that you could never have imagined happening.

It’s important to do what you can to get your voice heard and try to see it as a way of promoting yourself. Engage in conversation with people about your skills and what musical career path you wish to go down. Sure, social media is a great platform for exposure, but many of us can still benefit from getting out there and speaking to people face to face and building closer relationships as a result.

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