6 Ways to Get the Best Freshly Brewed Coffee

They say, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” That must mean coffee is the essential drink. Almost everyone jumpstarts their morning with a steaming cup of joe, and some take it black, others with sugar and creamer. Others even squeeze half a lemon on theirs!

However, making the perfect cup is not always easy. Those unfamiliar with brewing coffee find it difficult to brew, and the usual problems aspiring baristas face are wrong coarse grinds or too much water. Some would instead look for the best Nespresso machine in the market to make brewing easier if using coffee makers start to become confusing.

Choosing the beans and grinding them is only half of making the best cup of coffee. But if you would instead make your own than spend money at a cafe, then read on the six ways to get the best freshly brewed coffee.

1. The Nespresso Machine

Waking up to a fresh brew is always ideal. Just the smell of roasted coffee filling the air is enough to get people energized and ready to seize the day ahead. But not everyone has the right tools nor the time to brew coffee. If you are a busy person who wants a quick, freshly brewed coffee, time to invest in a Nespresso machine. 

Though it was first patented in 1976, it was only in the 2000s that Nestlé began selling and distributing the machine. It was also almost two decades after it became a popular household item. Some machines are for personal use, while others have a milk frother. 

The Nespresso is easy to use: just put your choice capsule into the pod, put the cup underneath, and wait for the coffee to pour. It’s quick, easy, and can be done with just a click. Though the good ones come with a hefty price, it’s great for long-term investment, especially if you take your caffeine regularly.

2. The French Press

Every coffee lover must have at least one favorite way to brew at home, probably the French Press. This pitcher may look simple, but one cup is enough to get your blood rushing. It’s portable, easy to use, and does not make too much time to complete. 

Though it’s called the French Press, Italians claimed that the idea was theirs. However, in 1852, the two Frenchmen Mayer and Delforge patented the first French Press. The brewing device has seven parts, each one designed to best filter out the coffee as much as possible. You can also use this to froth milk for your latte!

3. The Moka Pot

Making coffee on high heat seems like a terrible idea, and the grinds may burn, or the water may evaporate all at once. Put your mind at ease because the Moka Pot can brew coffee on a stovetop for your convenience. Connoisseurs say this brewing device makes fantastic coffee, especially when you are in a rush.

The Moka Pot was named after Mocha, a Yemeni city, and it was invented by an Italian engineer named Alfonso Bialetti in 1933. Though popularized in Europe, the use of Moka Pot spread in Latin America and Australia after World War II. 

Most coffees are made with a drip and a filter on top, but this pot is the other way around. The bottom part houses the water, the middle is where the grinds are filtered, and the chamber collects the pressurized brewed coffee. If you are scared of a stovetop, you can always get the electric Moka Pot which works the same way!

4. The Phin (Vietnamese Drip)

Most purists prefer drinking their coffee from a drip, and it’s not surprising why. It only requires two steps, and it’s the freshest brew you can get! Though drip coffee has been around since office-style coffee makers, it’s the traditional ones that remained in the mainstream. The Vietnamese Drip is one of the best ones because it makes your brew taste unique.

The Phin is a simple device:

  • Place the stainless steel strainer atop your cup.
  • Put the ground beans.
  • Pour the hot water.
  • Let the coffee drip.

You can also use this brewed coffee to make the famous egg coffee! Though Vietnam began planting the Robusta coffee beans brought by French colonizers in 1857, they were not always a coffee-drinking country. 

5. The Aeropress

If you are not into frothy espresso but still want your ground beans filtered, the AeroPress may be the right brewing device for you. It is like a French Press and Vietnamese Drip combination, except you, have to force the coffee out using the plunger.

This coffee-making device is a recent invention by AeroPress founder Alan Adler in 2004. He wanted a fresh brew without the acidity and bitterness that coffee naturally has. The AeroPress only has six parts, all made with translucent plastic, and it looks similar to a syringe and makes highly concentrated coffee.

6. The Cold Brew

Purists would not always agree, but you can always drink coffee cold or iced! It depends on how you prepare it, of course. While you can easily do it with the instant kind, using the ground beans can be a little challenging. The best way to cold brew is using the right pitcher.

Most cold brew pitchers are good for five cups of coffee, and some are actual pitchers, while others have a faucet. They are mostly made of glass too. But unlike other coffee makers, the cold brew is pretty easy to use. Just put your ground coffee on the sealed strainer and add water. You can drink it after leaving it overnight in the fridge. Most people enjoy a cold brew by making a frappuccino. Just blend it with milk, creamer, and sugar, then top it off with whipped cream and caramel sauce! 


Coffee is more than just a wake-up drink, and it has a lot of history surrounding it. The coffee bean pulps were once used to make fermented wine before people learned that roasting it gives off a better taste and aroma. Though coffee culture is popular in the west, the beans originated from the east, specifically from Ethiopia. 

Don’t let purists and enthusiasts shame you for your way of drinking coffee. Whether you drink it hot or cold, plain or with whipped cream, strong or decaf does not matter. After all, coffee is all about enjoying other people’s company. Visit Recipes.net and check out the coffee machines your pantry will need!

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