6 Types Of Necklaces That Go With Every Attire

A necklace pulls together any outfit with just the right dose of flair. Whether worn short or long, with delicate chains or bold medallions, the right piece elevates your ensemble from day to night. But with so many styles to choose from, finding neckwear to complement different looks can feel challenging. This article will explore six types of necklaces suited to complement everything from casual jeans to cocktail dresses. Learn how to curate a collection that brings out your unique personal style no matter the occasion.

1. The Classic Ball Chain

For laidback yet pulled-together looks, a ball chain necklace remains forever versatile. Traditionally worn short around the collarbone, its simple circles flatter all necklines gracefully from V-necks to turtlenecks. Try layering multiples in varied lengths—long, short, and medium—for irresistible dimensionality. Or weave vibrant beads amid duller links contrasting textures. Ball chains pair easily with everything from sundresses to bomber jackets lending approachable elegance universally. Build your wardrobe foundation around this enduring staple.

2. Delicate Chain Layering

Finespun link chains draping softly flatter almost any attire imaginable. Try wearing ultra-thin strands stacked or braided together high on the neck for an ethereal lift. Their feathery weightlessness lets you layer multiple short, medium, or long strands interchangeably according to taste. Fancy them further with dangling charms, cross pendants or gem drops accentuating looks delicately. Subtle yet stunning, fine chains enhance attire from casual to city chic without overpowering your favored silhouettes.

3. Heavy Metal Medallions

Bold bib or choker-style necklaces empower ensembles with bravado. Whether a polished stone, intricate crest, or identifiable symbol, statuesque medallions demand attention audaciously. They transform basic tees and jeans into statement-making ensembles. Oversized charms glint gorgeously against formal wear also intensifying drama for evening affairs. Unapologetic in scale, heavyweight medallions rock anyone’s personal style through an entrance.

4. Lariat Lusters

Whimsical yet wearable, lariat necklaces infuse spirit into casual looks effortlessly. Their adjustable lengths swinging freely with each stride embrace movement gracefully. Sprawling strands allow for layering with pendants dangling delightfully along the contours. Try pulling half up, gathering it into a low side knot, or letting the entirety spill over collarbones unfettered. Lariats adorn comfortably whether thrown atop sundresses or tucked beneath button-downs for a touch of relaxed bohemia anywhere adventures may roam.

Charm necklaces offer a playful personality to weekend attire through trinkets telling tales. Layered short or worn long embellished by charms, these neckpieces let personal proclivities shine through vibrant symbols. Stack multiple strands bearing sports, musical, or mystical-inspired charms interconnected like memory strings narrating life’s cadences. Their 70s-era nostalgia livens up style casually wherever errands or enjoyment lead.

5. Rope Reign

Braided, beaded, or woven rope necklaces impart effortless coolness perfectly aligning with denim-based ensembles. Their nautical spirit transforms basics with ease from button-downs to boyfriend jeans. Pull strands high above collars for windswept allure or wrap them snugly several times low around throats in sailor chic knots. Ropes also impart dimensionality layering over ball chains peeking through their interstices. Comfort reigns within their bohemian versatility no matter the venues traversed.

6. Statement Collars

Chokers and broader collars generate enchantment through sultry sophistication. Slip sleek bands finely snug against the nape or allow more generous widths to settle just above or full upon collarbones. Their solid presence demands attention whether clinking gold or spangled with gems around bare shoulders. Collars dress up looks for evenings out mesmerizingly while banning basic frocks to ravishing effect also. Their sexy structural drama empowers exceptionally amid both formalwear and flashy socializing

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