6 Tips To Help New Homeowners Protect Their Assets

Buying a new home is exciting! It’s the place you’ll call “home” for years to come, and it can be an exciting time. One thing that many people don’t think about when they buy their first home is protecting their assets. If you’re not careful, your new home could become your biggest financial liability rather than your most significant investment. This blog post will go over six steps to help protect homeowners from unexpected risks associated with owning property.

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1. Get a Home Warranty

Owning a home in Arizona comes with many responsibilities, and one that new homeowners often neglect is obtaining a home warranty. Getting this document for your home essentially gives you peace of mind. With a warranty, you’re sure that the major appliances will be covered if they break down or otherwise need to be repaired after moving into their newly acquired residence.

2. Update the Locks

Installing modern security hardware is a great way to provide an extra layer of protection for your new home. Not only will you be protecting your house, but also the family who lives there and all their belongings. No matter what type of security system or hardware you choose to use, make sure that it has been approved by leading researchers in the field like UL (Underwriters Laboratories), which conducts regular tests on products to ensure they are safe for consumers.

3. Don’t Forget to Add a First Aid Kit

You never know when an accident might happen. To be prepared for any situation, make sure to add a first aid kit that contains items like bandages and antiseptic wipes. Being ready for any case may save you a lot of time and trouble later on.

4. Get a Homeowners Policy

Your home policy will need to be based on what you have inside your house, so it’s best to create an inventory before anything happens. It can include items like appliances and furniture and decor pieces that insurance companies don’t typically cover.

Make sure everything is current – Update any information about yourself or your belongings in this online account. If you move or lose something, let them know immediately because they may not realize if their records don’t reflect updates made outside of their system.


5. Consider Getting Renter’s Insurance

Another thing that can help you protect your assets is adding renter’s insurance on top of your homeowner’s policy. If damages are done to the home or someone gets hurt while they’re in it, you’ll know exactly what kind of coverage you have.

6. Install Video Cameras Around the Property


In this age and era, video cameras are affordable and easy to install.

Video surveillance is essential because it can provide evidence in the case of a break-in, fire, or other crime that occurs on your property. The footage will help you file an insurance claim with your insurer and the police if someone breaks into your home.


Accumulating assets is a great way to help build wealth and increase your net worth. Protecting those assets is just as important, especially if you want them to stay in the family for generations or if they will be there when it’s time for you to retire. The tips above should give new homeowners an idea of protecting their investment and ensure everything goes smoothly. By doing so, they can avoid unexpected expenses such as expensive legal fees and unnecessary stress about what could happen next with their home.


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