6 Reasons Why You Should NOT Drug Detox at Home

To have a safe drug detox, it must require the supervision of an attentive 24-hour medical staff.


Withdrawal is debilitating, as various symptoms such as severe fatigue, nausea, chills, fever, palpitations, and more are endured for a matter of days.


With constant drug use, the body becomes conditioned to crave more and more of the drug, which causes one to experience brutal withdrawal symptoms.


Resetting the body to function normally without drug substances releases toxins and allows them to leave the person’s system.


Just as one might “starve a cold,” abstaining from drug use is what essentially allows the body to fully heal and reset itself.


From the severity of the withdrawal process, here are six reasons why detoxing at home rather than at a drug detox center is highly discouraged. 


1. Severe Withdrawal Symptoms

If you want the drug detox to commence safely, gradual steps need to be taken. Depending on the specifics of the detox, the severity of the withdrawal may vary.


One may experience fever, dehydration, and other concerning withdrawal symptoms. Left unaddressed, the person may become too sick and feel unable to finish their detox.


2. The Lack of Safety Without A Drug Detox Center

Your withdrawal symptoms can be addressed immediately by the help of medical professionals at a drug detox center, which, as a result, helps the detox stay on course.


Also, it is much easier for the person to give up and sabotage their recovery without being in a drug detox center.

By detoxing under the supervision and care of trained professionals, it is much more of a process to leave, prompting one to continue with their detox successfully.


Hospital staff will monitor blood pressure and other vitals daily, and ensure that voluntary discharge is safe, should this become necessary.


3. The Effects of Emotional Stress

The detox process is also highly emotional. People who have to go through detox may feel more emotionally overwhelmed and are, therefore, more likely to snap at others.


The person can avoid extra stress in their home environment and prevent issues arising between family members, neighbors, etc. by detoxing under medical care at a drug detox center.


4. Mental Health Concerns

Being under medical supervision is a way to ensure that their detox remains safe from this perspective if mental health concerns are intertwined with one’s drug addiction.


5. The Likelihood of Failure

It is noted that those who detox at a drug detox center are more likely to detox successfully than those who do it from home.


There is less for the person detoxing to be concerned with during this process with medical care available.


With less to think about, the person can fully participate in the detox and give themselves the strength they need to get through it.


6. Risk Of Death

Depending on the severity of the addiction and the substance abuse, the person may put themselves in life-threatening situations by not detoxing at a drug detox center.


Never Detox From Home

Detoxing under the care and supervision of 24-hour medical staff is urgently recommended. Never detox from home.


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