6 Reasons Why You Might Need To Hire An Employment Lawyer

Before hiring a lawyer for any case, you first need to determine if you need one. Some legal issues can easily be handled outside the court and without lawyers. When it gets to the point of hiring one, you need to be sure you need them. 

When you are looking to hire an employment lawyer, it needs to be clear you need to. And it would help if you had exhausted all other options you have in the workplace. Here are some of the reasons why you may need to hire an employment lawyer. 

1. Discrimination

Even in this modern times, there is still discrimination that goes on in the workplace. Several ideas come to play when you think of discrimination. Some of them have got to be the hiring process, assignment, promotion, age, gender, or wages. 

This is one of those times when you can’t go to the HR department to get your case heard. Obtaining a lawyer at this point will help you navigate all the landmines at this point. If you have been assaulted or sexually harassed, legal experts will help you too. Any of the above ideas can cause worker’s disputes, and the lawyer can help you get around it. Any actions against you should be for cause, and the lawyer has an idea of what those are. 

2. After Whistleblowing

It can be a tough place to work in after you have blown the whistle on the place. As much as several laws are set in place to protect the whistleblower, you are still at risk. Your lawyer will help you avoid such retaliatory acts from the employer. 

The lawyer will not only inform you of what your rights are, but they will also help you settle the case should it get to court. You will also find out if the disciplinary actions taken against you are right. Employment lawyers will know what the law says and will help you navigate it. 

3. Denied Benefits

While working, you are entitled to some benefits, and your employer may be denying you the benefits to save. It is illegal to deny employees benefits to save. And the employer may be in trouble as a result if you know your rights. 

When you hire the services of an employment lawyer, they will know what to do and how to approach it. The lawyer will look at your contract and find out if they are listed there. The lawyer will then help you claim them from your employer. 

4. Hostile Environment

When you are working in a hostile environment, you will know. If you have no idea how to handle the situation, you need to hire a lawyer. You can also opt to get out of the organization, but finding work can be challenging – a lawyer should do well for you. 

An environment can turn hostile after you report the employer to the relevant bodies for gross misconduct or any other reason. Some of the signs that you need to look out for include verbal abuse, extreme nepotism, shaming, acts of aggression, etc. When you see any of them, you need to get a lawyer. 

The lawyer will find ways of dealing with the situation without getting you fired. 

5. After Being Hired

Most of the time, you will forget to get a lawyer when you get the job. This is because you are too excited about getting the job. This is one of those times that you need to get a lawyer after the excitement dies down. 

The devil is always in the details in most contracts, and you need an employment lawyer to help you look at it. The lawyer will help you find out if there are loopholes that may deny you benefits and all that. 


6. Wrongful Termination

One area that you need to hit that hire button is when you are wrongfully terminated. It can be a slippery slope here as most people don’t even know if they are fired for cause or not. Anytime you get fired, you need to get a lawyer to help you figure out the specifics. 


Even when you know the reason behind your firing, you may still need to hire a lawyer. It will ensure you get what the company owes you. When you get fired, even for cause, employers will try to keep what you are owed; the lawyer will ensure it doesn’t happen. 


Employment can be tough to get across, and at times you need a lawyer. The point is to know when exactly you need to hire a lawyer. Here are some of those times when you need to get yourself an employment lawyer to help you with your issue. 

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