6 Common Signs You Need New Home Windows


Are your windows drafty? Do you find yourself freezing even though your heaters are all on?

This may be a sign that you need to replace your windows. And when your windows are old or broken, they can drive up your electricity bills and compromise the safety of your home.

But drafty windows aren’t the only sign you might need new home windows.

If you think you might need new windows but aren’t sure, keep reading. Our guide has everything you need to know.

  1. Constant Cold Drafts

One of the biggest indicators for replacing windows is that you often notice a cold draft coming from your window.

This can also increase your energy and electricity bills.

Remember that drafty windows may also be due to poor window installation. If you’re not familiar with how to check if your windows were installed properly, then make sure to get an expert to help you with this.

  1. Difficult To Use

While ease of use will vary with different types of windows, it shouldn’t take you a minute to open and close your window. It also shouldn’t have to take a lot of force.

If you find that you’re having trouble using or locking your windows, it may be time to replace them, as you don’t want to make your home unsafe.

  1. Damaged Frames

To test for damaged frames, touch your window frame. If it’s soft, this could mean water has gone into the frame and has made it start to rot. The frame may also start to sag.

If you have damaged frames, make sure to check each of your windows so that you can get an accurate window replacement cost.

  1. Outside Noise

Residential windows should give enough of a buffer for outside noise.

This could mean that your windows were not sealed properly or are of poor quality.

If the noise outside is interrupting your sleep or making it difficult for you to work, then you may need to replace your windows.

  1. Condensation

Condensation can build up between the panes of your windows. This can mean that your window seals no longer work.

Broken window seals can also raise your heating costs because they let air out of the window.

  1. Outdated 

Finally, you might notice that your home just has outdated window styles and poor curb appeal.

If your windows are old and outdated, they likely also have some of the other problems above, making it a smart option to get them replaced.

Are You Ready for New Home Windows?

We hope this article helped you figure out if you need new home windows.

Remember that a one-time problem may not mean you need new windows.

But if the problem keeps happening, then this is a sign that your windows aren’t working as they should anymore and need replacing.

If you found this article helpful, be sure to bookmark us and take a look at the rest of our site for more articles like this one.


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