5 Ways to Store Your Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have been an American military tradition for more than a century. These coins were given to those who earned them to instill pride and reward hard work. Challenge coins can represent small units within the military or top leading positions. 

They can also be given for special events or anniversaries as well. Today, custom challenge coins are now made for a variety of industries and programs. They’re given as recognition of achievements and should be displayed with honor. 

Do you know how to safely store your challenge coin collection? Continue reading below for our list of ways you can keep your collection safe!

  1. Handling and Cleaning 

You don’t want to handle your challenge coins too often. Only handle them on rare occasions and remain gentle while doing so. When cleaning them, use a soft cloth with a cleaning solution that’s safe for metals, alloys, and enamels. 

After cleaning the coins, keep them in a place that’s free of moisture, heat, and direct sunlight. You can visit challengecoins4less.com for information about challenge coin care, challenge coin checks, and more!

  1. Challenge Coin Holder

A challenge coin holder is a case that can hold the challenge coins and display them while keeping them safe in one place. These cases come in a variety of materials such as metal, plastic, or wood. You can keep the holder on display by placing it on an office desk or in an entertainment center.

You can also close the holder and store it inside a drawer or something similar. 

  1. Challenge Coin Display Case

Are you looking to step it up a notch from a basic coin holder? A challenge coin display case will hold all of your challenge coins while placing them neatly on display for everyone to see. Display cases also come in a variety of materials, sizes, and shapes. 

Be sure to choose one that’s large enough for your growing collection and suits your style preferences. You can use this display case in your home, office, or workplace. 

  1. Challenge Coin Display Cabinet

A display cabinet for your challenge coins is another wonderful option, especially if you want to save space and make the challenge coins the focal point of the room. A display cabinet comes with two hangers to make it easy to mount on the wall. There’s a hinged glass lockable door on the front. 

Most display cabinets are made with antique wood, but you may be able to find other materials as well that might match your style better. 

  1. Row Challenge Coin Holder

A row challenge coin holder lays on a flat surface such as a countertop or desk. The holder allows you to store various coins in either one or two rows. The coin holder sections are spaced so that you can see all of the coins, even those in the second row, without obstruction.

Row holders don’t have covers, so you might need to clean or dust your coins more often. 

How Will You Display Your Challenge Coins?

You’ve worked hard to earn your custom challenge coins. Now that you’ve grown a challenge-coin collection, it’s time to put them on display! Follow all of the helpful tips and advice given in this guide above to ensure you do so safely and beautifully. 

For more topics similar to this one, continue to check back here often. 

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