5 Ways On How to Select the Best Professionals to Clean Your Windows

If you wear glasses, you will understand the need to wipe your lenses every so often to ensure a pristine view. So it is with windows. Cleaning them periodically allows you to soak up the views of sun-kissed lawns, towering buildings, and pretty streets. Window cleaning is not always feasible as a DIY task due to factors like time constraints, acrophobia (fear of heights), physical limitations, or lack of equipment. Your best recourse in such cases is to engage window cleaning services. If you haven’t booked such services before or you did and desire a better experience, this post is for you. 

Here are things to consider when seeking window cleaners.

1 Services Offered

What kind of property’s windows are you hoping to clean? A single-storeyed house? An apartment on the second floor? All the corporate offices on the 17th floor? Different properties will have different requirements in terms of team size, equipment and price packages based on the risk level, number of windows, and the extent of the cleaning.

2 Radius of Operation

One of the possible reasons you need people to clean your windows is that you are hard-pressed for time. Before getting excited about a service provider, check their address. How far is their office from your home? It’s a no-brainer that the farther they are, the longer they will take to arrive unless they have an assignment nearby. Some companies ask you to fill out your address on a service form and generate an automated message about whether they function in your area. If there is a considerable distance between your address and the company’s office, find out if you will have to cover travel expenses entirely or partially.

3 Workers’ Insurance

Suppose you require window cleaning services for a high-rise commercial building, and a team member suffers a fall. In that case, who will be responsible for footing the hospital bills? Similarly, will they pursue legal action and seek compensation if a worker sustains cuts and lacerations because of glass shards or blunt force trauma due to capsizing window frames? If so, from whom? Before hiring a company, ensure their workers are insured, so you do not get embroiled in sticky situations should something go amiss on the job.

4 Experience

Here are two questions to ask the service provider: How long have you been in business? How many years of combined experience does your team have? However, do not be too picky about experience because a company’s age does not always influence its performance. However, older companies have more seasoned senior staff who can impart firsthand knowledge to younger team members. Also, they will have fulfilled various customer requests and requirements and integrated all the knowledge they gained into their teaching method and work ethic.

5 Police Check

This may sound a little extreme. After all, you are only looking to hire window cleaning services. However, if you want to be rigorous and thorough in your evaluation, are a stickler for safety, or simply need a tiebreaker when you’ve reached a stalemate with two businesses, you can ask the company if their personnel have undergone background checks. A licensed company with accountable, trustworthy employees will not hesitate to disclose this information to you.


Leaving your windows unattended will affect the longevity of the glass, affect the brightness of your home, hinder your view of the outside world, and give visitors the impression that you are neglecting the upkeep of your home. Contact the best window cleaning services to restore the sparkle to your windows.


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