5 Tips to Prevent Weed Growth In Your Yard

Did you know that one weed can generate over 10 million seeds? As soon as they arrive in your garden, fighting them can seem like a neverending battle. But did you know there are ways to fight back?

With our tips, your yard can be weed-free in no time at all. Read on as we discuss 5 ways to combat weed growth in your property. 

  1. Add Artificial Grass

One way to ensure you have a neat lawn without weeds is to install artificial grass. Also known as synthetic turf, it will have a weed blocking layer underneath to prevent the growth of unwanted plants. You may get a few at the edges or poking through if holes are made, but they will be very few. 

A professional installation will also see the area dug out, removing anywhere weeds can germinate. This will then be sprayed with weedkiller before the grass is set on top. A synthetic grass warehouse like this has plenty of options to get the materials you need. 

  1. Use Herbicide Spray

There are numerous options for herbicide spray available from stores. All you need to do is spray the weeds with it and they will wither and die. This travels throughout the entire plant system also destroying the root in the process. 

If you are worried about the environmental impact of chemical sprays, then you can use organic ones. Vinegar is a great option. When using any spray, make sure it does not drift onto adjacent plants as you may damage ones intended to be kept.

  1. Cut or Pull

The best time to remove weeds is when the soil is wet. Pull from the base and you may have a chance to bring out the whole root system.

If they are too deep to pull out, then cut back their heads using a pair of trimmers. This forces them to use food reserves and prevents their ability to reseed. 

  1. Add Mulch

Your soil is already filled with weeds seeds, though many will lie dormant. If you can prevent them from reaching the surface they will never bother you. A layer of mulch is one great way to do this. 

The wood in mulch will cool the soil surface, hampering growth. As they need soil, this surface is also not habitable. A depth of two to three centimeters should be enough. 

  1. Cut Off Their Water

When it rains, you can’t starve weeds of water. Yet when drought occurs you have a unique opportunity to do some lawn care and remove what they need.

Make sure you are watering only the plants you want to feed, avoiding weeds and areas of growth. 

Combating Weed Growth

Weed growth will always be an ongoing job, yet with these tips, you will seriously hinder their growth. Before long, you will have a lush weed-free garden. 

If you found this article helpful we have many more. From your yard to the home, we can keep your property looking great in the coming year. 


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