5 Tips to create a Business card that would attract customers.

Business cards are a powerful marketing tool for your business. It gives a glimpse to your prospects about what your business is. It is the first interaction a customer has with your brand. Moreover, it has all the pertinent details a customer is looking for to work with your business. All these features make a business card imperative for your business. If a tool is this critical for your business, it should be impressive. Right?

When you put thought into your business card, it comes out perfectly. It helps in showing your professionalism and helps you network while ensuring there is trust between you and your customers. If these qualities of a business card excite you to create one immediately, pause. First, think it through to create a smart business card that appeals to and attracts people to your business. How can you do this? By following these simple tips.

It should provide information clearly.

Designing a card that looks smart and appealing is necessary. However, that doesn’t mean you do not put critical details on the card. The ultimate goal of an online business card is to inform people about your business, what it does, and how to contact you. If the card design is such that the information is hard to grasp, then the card is a waste of money and time.

Instead of cluttering the card with an overwhelming amount of text. Or using a design that clutters the card, ignoring critical details. Go with an appealing yet simple design without missing any important details.

Experiment with the usefulness of your business card

Experiment with the design of the card using personalized stationery to make it more purposeful. For instance, a digital business card not only helps provide contact details to your prospects but also allows the prospects to see your portfolio, social media, or website with a clickable link.

It should target the audience.

When you start selling a product, you ensure it resonates with the customers. Right? The same is true for your business card. You share your card with tons of people to network. However, the main goal is to attract prospects in your field to grow your business. It can only happen when you design the card keeping your target audience in mind. For instance, if your target audience is a content writer, your card content should represent that. As content writers, your words should have an appeal that convinces people to hire you as their content writer.

Be creative with your card without breaking the rules.

Creativity is allowed while creating a business card. For instance, play with color, theme, and texture to ensure your business card stands out. However, do remember that business cards have a standard size according to the region. It is for a reason, for instance, to easily fit them into your pocket or wallet. Thus, don’t play with the sizes of your paper business cards. Otherwise, the recipient may throw them out, or they may get lost.

You are wrong if you think the size constraint will make it challenging to get creative with a card. On the contrary, you can create eye-catching designs even with a small space (and you have two sides).

The text should be legible.

This tip is something everyone should follow, irrespective of having a digital business card or a paper one. The information on the card should be visible to the naked eye. That means using a legible text size that people can see from a decent distance. Often to fit in more information, the card designer makes the text extremely small. It makes it challenging for people to read the card. Thus, always focus on creating a card with good text size.


The theme should reflect the business.

The theme or template of the business card should reflect your business. For example, a card depicting clean and modern living for an interior designer shows what kind of interior designer they are. These little details matter a ton, so don’t ignore them.

Every business, small or big, has a business card. Whether individuals use business cards to work with a brand or not depends on how well they create a card. Thus, follow these tips and design a card evoking emotions from people. It should urge them to contact you and even share your cards with others.

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