5 Things You Should Know About a Hyperbaric Chamber

Did you know that the global health industry was worth more than $8 trillion in 2018? With the renewed focus on health coming out of the pandemic, that number is likely to increase. People are looking for products that can cure aliments and prevent illness. 

One such product is a hyperbaric chamber, also referred to as a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. This product offers many benefits that make the upfront cost worth the investment. Read on to learn five important things about a hyperbaric chamber and why it might be right for you.

  1. What Are the Benefits of a Hyperbaric Chamber?

The major hyperbaric chamber benefits revolve around oxygen therapy. By delivering pure oxygen in a pressurized environment, your oxygen intake increases dramatically. This can cure decompression sickness, as well as infections, wounds, and air bubbles in blood vessels.  

There are other benefits that are more general. It can strengthen the immune system by increasing the tissue’s oxygen concentration. Hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy can also promote the formation of new skin cells.

After receiving treatment, you should check your pulse and blood pressure. If you are diabetic, you should check your glucose as well.  

  1. What Types of Hyperbaric Chambers Are There?

Hyperbaric chambers are classified by how many patients can use them at a time and by the amount of pressure they produce. Hyperbaric chambers that treat just a single person are called mono-place, and this includes most portable models. Multi-place are larger models that can treat multiple individuals at once.

The pressure ratings are measured in atmospheres (atm). Portable models are typically rated at less than 1.5 atm. The other hyperbaric chamber models, medical and military, are typically rated for a maximum of 3 and 4 atm, respectively.  

  1. How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of hyperbaric chambers varies greatly with the model, but this is a significant investment. On the low end, a portable hyperbaric chamber will run around $5,000. More expensive portable options cost as much as $20,000. 

If you have the resources, you may consider the medical or military options. Because these types generate more pressure, they are more expensive. Medical chambers can cost more than $70,000 and military models as much as $250,000.  

  1. Support and Insurance

As with any large purchase, you should certainly take out the prerequisite insurance and warranty, even if this comes at an additional cost. A good manufacturer should also offer technical support to repair your hyperbaric chamber should it break.

  1. Placement of the Chamber

There are considerations you should take for where you place your hyperbaric chamber. The most obvious consideration is that the room has sufficient space. A lesser known consideration is the air-conditioning circulation, as the temperature within the chamber will be greater than the room. 

Purchasing a Hyperbaric Chamber For Sale

If you are ready for this investment, you need to work with an experienced and trusted retailer. Some of the qualities you can look for at places to buy hyperbaric chamber include the varieties they sell and the financing and outreach programs they offer. 

Are You Ready To Make a Purchase?

Now that you know about a hyperbaric chamber, do you feel like it’s a worthwhile investment? There are many benefits to using one but you must consider the placement, support, and most importantly, the price. Finding a trusted retailer is essential. 

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