5 Things You Need To Know To Understand Assault Air Bikes

Working out at the gym without an instructor may be challenging as you’re in doubt about the routine, form, and breathing. This is a common problem for most gym-goers. In addition, working out on the assault air bikes to get the desired burn is confusing because you’re not sure how to use the equipment. 

Air bikes may seem a little more complex than other gym equipment as they are a mix of traditional bikes and an elliptical. However, you may not worry much about using the air bike as you can ace your cardio routine with the proper form. 

This post talks about the ideal form you must use while working out on an air bike. Read on!


What Is an Air bike?

The workout equipment ideal for intensive cardio is an Air bike. This equipment is a cross between a traditional exercise bike and an elliptical. The air bike allows you to work on your body’s top and lower half. 


How To Enhance Your Air Bike Workout with Proper Form?

Workouts are all about a proper form and the correct breathing technique that elevate your routine. To get the desired burn, you’d have to learn to use the air bike with a proper form. Take a look at how you can enhance your air bike workout properly. 

#1 Seat Position

Position to seat to the hip height to get the right burn. This height is ideal as it allows you to pedal without getting your legs in a locked-out position. Plus, the height where your legs are bent excessively isn’t suitable either. 

#2 Seat Height 

The seat height that allows you to bend your knees slightly at about 20 degrees is the proper seat height. Your knees should be bent at the lowest point of your pedal stroke. 

The main reason for adjusting the seat to this height is because it is the safest position for your knees. With this position, you can generate maximum force.

Consider the two extremes, and if your knees are not bending enough, you may get injured. On the contrary, if your knees are bending too much, you may not get the desired burn.

#3 Lean Forward Slightly

When working out, you need maximum burn to obtain desired results. So, you would have to amp up the force production too. Only with adequate force, you’d be able to match the intensity of the workout. Leaning slightly forward would allow you to produce maximum force.

The best way to understand how much you’re required to lean is to take your hands off the handles. In this way, you’ll be able to test the minimal amount you would have to pedal aggressively without your hands. 

You might notice the change would be 10 to 20 degrees from the upright position. 

#4 Pedalling Backwards

If you constantly worry about getting the neglected muscles the burn, this tip is perfect for you. When you pedal backwards, you get to exercise the muscles that may get neglected in your workout routine. 

#5 Control Your Knockers 

Air bikes are meant to work out your upper body as well as your lower body. So, focus on how you use your legs in the workout. Why? This is because if you use your upper body, you may get exhausted faster. 

Strike a balance between the upper and lower body to give yourself an intense workout. Keep your knees in one straight line rather than letting them flare at the top of each rotation. So, you’ll be able to apply maximum force to the pedals. 


Assault air bikes play a crucial role in giving you the ideal cardio burn, but you can get the maximum benefit only with the proper form. While working out, you need to pay attention to the neglected muscles as well. The good news is air bikes help you cater to this need too. 

Now that you know how to get the desired burn using the air bike, it’s time to get yourself air bikes to ace your cardio routine!

Author Name: Grace

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