Did you know that the barcode has only been in use since 1974? Although this technology seems like it has so many practical applications in our lives, it has only been around for about half a century.

Have you ever wondered about the variety of surprising uses for barcode technology in your life? Here are some of the ways that using barcodes can change your everyday routine for the better.

  1. Get Into Events

Say goodbye to paper tickets. Barcodes on your smartphone are the newer and better way to get into bars, clubs, restaurants, concerts, and all types of other events.

There are many benefits to using barcodes for ticketing, including always having your admission available on your smartphone. You will not have to worry about damaging your ticket or losing it before the event.

  1. Track Your Pets With Microchips

Microchip technology is one of the best practical applications of barcodes. Whether you adopt a pet or purchase it from a breeder, you should ensure that your furry friend has a microchip.

By using barcodes, microchips can let a rescue or veterinarian know where the pet is from and give them contact information as well. You will have a much better chance of your pet finding its way home.

  1. Log Your Food

One of the more surprising uses for barcode technology is that you can scan it into food applications on your smartphone. This way, you can track your food more easily if you are on a strict diet.

These are particularly helpful for people who need to track a specific food group or the number of calories that they consume. With these applications, you can work toward your goals and know exactly what you put into your body.

  1. Interactive Advertising

Since you always have your phone, barcodes and QR codes offer a way to integrate unusual ideas for advertising. To get more people to invest in your business or product, try adding a code to your fliers and billboards.

Customers can scan the code and link directly to your homepage, or to a promotional discount that you offer.

  1. Use in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry relies heavily on barcodes for many uses, including tracking lab samples and even scanning patient identification.

With so many different types of materials traveling in a healthcare setting, it is vital that they have a universal method for tracking items quickly and easily. A barcode generator net can solve that problem by giving unique barcodes to every object.

Use Barcode Technology Today

If you are interested in using barcodes more in your everyday life, then this technology can help you out immensely. With barcode technology, you can discover more and more surprising uses every day.

Want to learn more about how you can implement barcodes into your life? Take a look at our Technology section for more information on cutting-edge innovation in the tech world.


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