5 Places to Find Royalty-Free Blog Music for Your Website and Vlogs

Music keeps users engaged and delivers a solid first impression. Many creators use royalty-free music in their content.

You can find quality blog music without spending a fortune. The only downside with royalty-free songs is that other people may use them too.

Exclusive beats for sale make your blog music unique. These beats are inexpensive for anyone looking to stand out. However, some beginner bloggers can only experiment with a royalty-free song. They’re often scrappy and on a budget. However, there are online sites these days where one can find cheap yet good Production music library that they can use.

Want to find great music for free? Here are five places to search for royalty-free tracks.

#1: YouTube Audio Library

You don’t need to be a YouTuber to utilize the YouTube Audio Library. You can find thousands of songs across various genres.

Some song composers will require attribution. You will need to mention them in the description of your vlog, blog post, or podcast episode.

You can filter songs that do not require attribution. If the royalty-free track sounds perfect, consider the attribution.

#2: Wave.Video

Wave.Video features over 300,000 royalty-free songs. You can find a mix of free and premium songs on their platform.

You can upload videos into Wave.Video to see how the music sounds in your video. This feature saves time on the editing process.

Instead of downloading songs and putting them in your video file, you can upload the video to Wave.Video.

Wave.Video also helps with video creation. They provide hundreds of templates for their users.

#3: Free Music Archive

The WFMU radio station runs a free music archive. This archive gives anyone access to an array of songs.

You can filter songs based on their licensing. You’ll find many creative commons licenses.

Some will require attribution, while others will not. Read the requirements before selecting a song.

Make sure you check the “non-commercial use” box when searching for music. You’ll find songs you can use for any purpose.

#4: Premium Beat

Premium Beat offers over 10,000 tracks. These tracks get handpicked by music industry experts.

You can find acclaimed songs in the Editor’s Pick playlist. You’ll find a little under 1,000 pieces in this playlist.

You can find songs based on the beat per minute, instruments, duration, and more. These filters make the Shutterstock-owned company an exciting place for blog music.

#5: SoundCloud

You may have heard of SoundCloud. Many podcasters distribute their episodes through this popular medium.

However, SoundCloud isn’t just a place for podcasters. You can also find royalty-free tracks on their platform.

You can type phrases like “background music” or “upbeat music” and listen to the tracks. You can get creative with your phrasing to find music that fits your style.

You can see the number of likes each song has received. These social metrics can help guide your decision.

Blog Music Makes Your Content Shine

Blog music increases engagement. Visitors will remember the catchy tune and come back for more content.

You’ll need more than catchy music to grow an audience. However, the music indicates you take your brand seriously.

Want more blogging insights to grow your brand? This blog contains many posts to level up your game.


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