5 New Technology Trends in The Realm of Social Media

Technological advancements and emerging innovative solutions have transformed almost every aspect of human life. The outbreak of COVID-19 put a halt to many activities as governments administered lockdowns. Now, people have become more dependent on technology and learned new ways of doing mundane activities. Experts say that technology will continue evolving, but the pace will also further increase in various industries. Among these, social media also continues to grow and integrate emerging technological trends.

Social media is undeniably a critical aspect of people’s daily life, and its users are constantly rising. It started as a medium to stay in touch with family and friends but has evolved significantly over the years. Today, many brands use social media to connect with customers and market their products. They understand that the public spends most of their day on gadgets. A captivating and robust presence on all social media platforms guarantees that brands stay at the forefront.

Additionally, technological advancements have further accelerated the spread and growth of social media. Some of the new technology trends in the realm of social media are as follows:

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a widespread phenomenon that involves the element of human intelligence in machines to think like and mimic human behavior and recurring patterns. Since social media is a platform where continuously monitoring human behavior and changing patterns is crucial for businesses, AI helps them in various ways. It allows social media companies to collect data, ensure privacy, provide personalized content, and analyze deep insights.

However, giant tech companies are experimenting and researching more ways for AI to exploit the social media sphere. Consequently, they are seeking to hire tech enthusiasts who possess a knack for innovation and creativity. If technology and the digital landscape entice you, a digital media degree will equip you with the essential skills. You will get to learn about new developments, emerging technologies, and how to put your talent and skills to best use.

  • Internet Television

Internet Television is audio and video being delivered live through the internet. Netflix and Amazon Prime have dominated live streaming successfully. Following their example, other social networks have broken into this area and launched YouTube Premium and Facebook Watch. Since many people are now glued to their smartphones and watch TV less, social media TV succeeds in providing user-generated content.  Although extended and non-subscription-based videos, such as IGTV or YouTube, are getting popular, they lie in the separate category of conventional Internet Television.

  • 5G

Technical areas have created enough hype for 5G, but it hasn’t materialized yet. Experts say that it will penetrate real soon, and social media channels will take advantage of it. However, 5G in the social realm is not only about quick data transfer or seamless mobile usage, but social media users will enjoy immersive experiences. People will have a virtual tour experience through 360-degree videos, where they can touch, smell, and feel the things shown in the video. Moreover, it will also become a convenient option for video game enthusiasts to play immersively on social networks.

  •  Augmented Reality

Social networking companies are not hesitant to invest in technologies like Augmented Reality. AR refers to technology that provides an enhanced version of the real world. Social media networks already support camera-based AR effects. A famous example of AR application in the social world is Pokemon Go, and people immensely enjoyed it. It allowed social media platforms to realize the potential of AR in the market. They have implemented different ways where AR technology gives users an improved experience. Users can recreate their image and video backgrounds and try fun avatars. Experts predict that social networks will launch AR virtual stores where users will try various items simply while using a brand’s social handle.

  • Internet of Things

IoT is an innovative technology that allows physical objects embedded with systems or sensors to connect over the internet. The impact of IoT on social networks will be enormous, leading to a higher level of engagement and interaction. IoT in social media will allow digital businesses to track customers’ behavioral patterns in real-time. Furthermore, it will enable users to optimize social media by automating posts and shares with the help of connected devices. Through smartphones and other gadgets, users can stay connected to social networks from anywhere.


The world of technology is fascinating as it keeps on changing the way we lead lives and conduct businesses. Due to technological advancements, many things which people of the previous era could not deem possible have become a reality. Social networks have become a go-to place for people whenever they come across a problem. Therefore, it has become essential for a company’s survival to have a strong presence on social media. Social media platforms should integrate emerging technological trends and keep on bringing new things forward.

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