5 Common Tattoo Artist Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that nearly 20% of people who have tattoos regret them after they got inked? 

Whether it was a bad idea or a misinterpretation from the artist, a ruined tattoo doesn’t help anyone. 

If you are thinking about becoming a tattoo artist, there are a few red flags to watch out for. 

Keep reading if you want to learn about the most common tattoo artist mistakes that you won’t want to make! 

  1. Inaccurate Spelling

One of the most common tattoo artist mistakes that you don’t want to make is misspelling something permanent. 

Misspelling words can alter the meaning of someone’s tattoo or make them hate it. If you are going to tattoo words on someone, take your time and double-check your work. The final sketch should have the proper spelling and you will want to confirm it with your client.

As you work on tattoos, take each letter at a time and try not to rush through the process. If you can’t go back, try changing the font to make the misspelling blend in. 

  1. Messed up Proportions 

When it comes to sleeve tattoos and intricate designs, the proportions can get skewed. 

To avoid this problem, have a good sketch designed before starting the tattoo. You can portion the design into segments and match them with areas on the skin. Drawing a grid (non-permanent) will ensure that the dimensions and proportions are accurate. 

Searching for tattoo schools near me can also get you exposure to fixing this problem! 

  1. Yellowing Ink

Many types of tattoos are done with white ink, which can turn yellow. 

If you don’t want to make the mistake of letting your work fade, recommend that your clients get black. If they want white ink, advise them that sunlight can turn the white into yellow. 

It’s helpful to use white ink in moderation. Black ink tends to last longer and clients are typically more satisfied with the results. 

  1. Blowouts 

You can try to draw the proper tattoo size, however, if the needle goes too deep, it’ll be a blowout.

When the needle is pressed too far into the skin, the ink has more space to spread. This issue can get identified after the tattoo’s completion or take a couple of weeks to appear. If you are known for being heavy-handed, try practicing your control.

When blowouts occur, the only way to fix them is by covering them up by increasing the dimensions.  

  1. Bad Translation

If your client wants a tattoo in a foreign language, move forward with caution. 

Unless you are fluent in the language, it’s easy to misinterpret a symbol or word. Online searches can help you find translations, however, not all sayings have a clean translation. 

Instead of referring to Google translate for your tattoos, ask someone bilingual. 

Don’t Make These Tattoo Artist Mistakes

Learning about the most common tattoo artist mistakes can prevent you from losing money.

Many artists get a bad reputation because of issues that could have been avoided. By taking your time and paying attention to the details, you can produce stunning work every time. Your clients will appreciate your due diligence with translations and accuracy. 

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