4 things to look for before buying a medical alert system

It is normal to worry about your aged parent’s or even kid’s safety in your absence. Even the thought of them being in a medical emergency while you are away working or on a grocery run is frightening. There could be an incident wherein your loved one has fallen off the stairs or met with some accident at home. There are endless emergencies that could arise while you are not at home. So you have to safeguard them. The best possible way to do so is by getting them a medical alert system. 

A medical alert system is a personal device to protect your loved ones that connect the user with their loved ones in a medical emergency. When the button on this device is activated, it triggers a call to the family members indicating an emergency. This feature enables getting them the help they need.  

But how do you choose the right medical alert system for your family? With so many options available, making a choice can be confusing. Here are some pointers that’ll help you in choosing the perfect device.

How To Choose The Right Medical Alert System In 2022?

  • Find a company that sells quality alert systems: 

You may find many reliable companies selling alert systems, but not all have quality products. At first, you must check if they provide a trial. Free trials are a must while purchasing a medical alert system for your loved ones, as you need to test the product before investing in it. 

The companies generally provide a 30-day money-back guarantee if you do not find the product suitable in any way. It minimizes the risk and allows you to make sure that the device fits your need. Also, you must check the transparency of the company. 

Another important aspect of quality is to see if the company shares everything about its return policy, pricing, and other contracts. You should check the website once and read about the return policy. You wouldn’t want a company that will charge you extra for returning the equipment or canceling the service. 

One of the best ways to find a good reputable company is to look for reviews by previous customers. So go on their website or check out Google reviews for honest feedback from the other customers that have already bought the device. 

  • Get to know all the features and device styles:

Yes, you read that right. There are quite a few styles of medical alert systems available in the market. You must majorly consider your loved one’s needs and then choose an alert system. For example, check if they need an at-home system, a portable device, or probably a smartwatch. Check for the features and benefits of such devices from the company website. There are other such features too.

Fall detection is one such. After a fall, the elderly might be unconscious and thus unable to call for help. So the fall detection will automatically detect the fall and alert the family. One more feature of these systems is the medicine reminders. 

Some systems give reminders on pre-programmed times to take medicines. It can be helpful when the person is on life-saving medications, and skipping a dose can lead to further problems. Tracking for the caretaker is also an important function you should look for. Such a feature allows you to track the device and check the battery levels. 

  • Always take into account personal preferences:

If you buy a device that the person is not comfortable using, there is no point in the medical alert system. Your elderly or senior has to wear it or carry it with themselves. That is why you must consider the comfort of users. The modern medical alert systems have a help button or pendant worn around the neck or the wrist. 

However, not all system devices are of a similar type. Some devices can be worn, while others can be kept in an accessible place. Some systems allow you to keep the base unit in the bag or purse and wear a light button on the wrist or neck. 

Some companies design them to look like jewelry or a nice watch. These look stylish and provide all the features of a medical alert system. For senior citizens who feel conscious or shameful in carrying the system, jewelry pieces and watches are the best options. Thus personal preferences matter a lot. 

  • Choose a company that provides subscription type:

The payment option provided by a company is one of the most crucial factors to consider while choosing a medical alert system. All the service providers have different pricing for their solutions, based on discounts and free shipping. However, such deals are for the people who choose a yearly subscription plan. They usually get the lowest monthly fee or charges. 

You should get a refund if you opt for a half-yearly plan and you want to return the device after three months of usage. So go through the payment options thoroughly and check out the cancellation policies. This way, you will save your money in the long term. You must also consider any hidden charges or contracts. Also, sometimes vendors may lock the initial price for a certain period of your billing time, so ensure to double-check. 

Some vendors offer these devices on the lease for a monthly subscription rental fee. You will have to send back the alert device when you are not using it. The company might also ask you to pay a fee if you do not return the device. 

Some companies also have a system wherein you pay for the rights of the device in the beginning and are not required to return the device. These are some of the costs related to medical alert systems. Ensure you have gone through the company’s various subscription types to know the best one for yourself.

Final words

Listed ab were some of the most vital points you should consider while choosing the right medical alert system for your loved ones. Always opt for a company providing 360-degree services with an alert system. Comparing various companies before buying a medical alert system can be a good way to go about it. So the time you have to choose a medical alert system for your loved one, you know what things to regard to make an informed decision. 

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