4 Reasons Why PDFBear Is The Ideal Platform for Excel to PDF Conversions

Converting an Excel spreadsheet into PDF can make it easier to read the data from the Excel file. However, it can be quite complicated to transfer all of that data manually. Luckily, PDFBear provides a highly effective Excel to PDF converter on its website. With this online PDF converter, you can be incredibly efficient in converting Excel files to PDF.

This article should give you four concrete reasons to rely on PDFBear for a swift and straightforward Excel to PDF conversion. Without a doubt, PDFBear should be your go-to for PDF conversions like this. Here’s why you should use PDFBear’s Excel to PDF converter for your XLS or XLSX to PDF needs:

User-Friendly Converter

PDFBear’s Excel to PDF converter should come as a relief if you had trouble converting Excel spreadsheet files to PDF before. This PDF converter is incredibly straightforward and easy to use. There’s absolutely no superior brain power needed to manipulate this online tool. It’s incredibly simple that you can finish the entire conversion using four steps.

To convert an Excel spreadsheet to PDF, upload any Excel file into the Excel to PDF toolbox. Next, you’ll be able to see a set of options that directly concerns the transformation from Excel to PDF. Once you’ve figured out your preferred options, click on the “Convert!” button, and PDFBear should begin the conversion process instantly. 

It’ll only take PDFBear a couple of moments to finish the conversion process. Users surely won’t have to wait a long time to download a newly converted PDF file. Once PDFBear finishes the conversion, save and download the new PDF file to any device or computer.

Swift & High-Quality Conversion

PDFBear’s converter for Excel to PDF processes is more than capable of providing a high-quality conversion. In terms of quality, PDFBear sees to it that it accurately converts the data from your Excel spreadsheet into PDF. Indeed, this online converter will produce a PDF document that is of the highest standard. 

You could say that the resulting product of the PDF document will look exactly like the Excel file. Moreover, there won’t be any errors or mistakes upon conversion that will be visible on the new PDF file. If you want an effective conversion from Excel into PDF format, then PDFBear is your best alternative.

As we said, PDFBear only requires four simple steps to convert Excel files into PDF. Interestingly, this four-step process is one that anyone can complete within a couple of moments. PDFBear does not just offer a simple and high-quality conversion, but it makes sure that the entire process is swift.

Converter for XLS and XLSX

There’s a good chance that you’re working with multiple formats of an Excel file. Some Microsoft Excel files come in XLS, and some are in XLSX format. Regardless of which format you’re using, you can upload both to PDFBear’s online Excel to PDF tool. Convert both formats into PDF in similar manners and speed.

Converting both file extensions to PDF will also be free. It’ll also be direct conversion to PDF, and there are no complicated steps needed upon converting these file extensions into PDF format. The only thing you’ll need to do on your end is to upload a file into this toolkit, regardless of whether it’s in XLS or XLSX.

Excel to PDF Conversion On All Platforms

Another reason why you should use PDFBear to convert your Excel files to PDF is accessibility. This online Excel to PDF converter is compatible and accessible on all major operating systems. With this fact, anyone can effectively and efficiently turn their Excel files into PDF on Windows, Mac, or Linux. 

PDFBear offers this online conversion on its cloud space. This web-based process can easily be accessed through any web browser. Moreover, anyone can use any web browsing app that they want, whether it’s Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and other web browsing tools available today. The conversion should also be similar and free, regardless of which web browser you use.

This Excel to PDF tool is also available on mobile platforms. Anyone can instantly turn their Excel spreadsheets into PDF using their iOS or Android device. 


These four reasons alone should be more than enough for you to trust PDFBear when it comes to converting XLS or XLSX files into PDF. PDFBear offers and provides an effective conversion that can turn your Excel file into PDF in no time. It’s simple, swift, straightforward, and most of all, free!

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