4 Awesome Garage Conversions You Can Steal Ideas From

Garages are often used for mostly storage. However, as each year passes, homeowners are starting to realize that they can use their garage for something other than storage. There are a number of ways you could turn this room into something useful and productive.  Here we’ll discuss some awesome garage shelving conversions you can steal ideas from and apply them to your own home!

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1. Turn It Into A Nice Studio

Garages are great for turning into a studio. Why is that? Because even if you have neighbors close by, they won’t be able to hear what’s going on inside your garage. Since the room is usually big enough, it’ll make for an awesome studio. However, make sure you sound insulate the walls and put some carpet on the ground. This will keep the noise in and make your neighbors appreciate you more. You can use soundproof foam panels, acoustic mineral wool insulation, acoustic hangers, or dense boards. All of these are available at most home improvement stores. You can also make an art studio from your garage and use it for pictures and photography. In this case, your garage space should have enough light and proper surfaces for working on. For the best experience, get yourself a room divider-this will help separate your workspace from the rest of the garage so you can focus on your work. With all that space, you can even have other art supplies inside too. You should have shelves for storing paints and other equipment. 

2. Use It as a Gym

Another awesome garage conversion idea is to use it as a gym. This is one of the best garage storage solutions because it leaves you enough room for something else. Not for a car, tho, but a bike or two could fit inside. In your gym, you could install some fitness equipment inside and treat yourself to some exercise whenever you need it. Exercise equipment that you should have in a garage gym includes weightlifting equipment, cardio equipment, and more. You should also have a bench press along with a squat rack for doing squats. If you have some spare time after your workouts, you could hit the boxing bag or maybe do some MMA training. There are plenty of opportunities that working out in a garage can get you into!

3. Use It as a Guest Bedroom

Garage conversions into guest bedrooms are also pretty popular because they give you enough room to have guests over. If your garage is big enough, you could fit in a queen-sized bed and even dress up the walls with wallpaper or paint. Choose colors that are friendly and soothing. Garage bedrooms usually don’t have closets, so the best alternative would be getting a small wardrobe. You could also put in some decorative pieces, like a lamp or two. When you have guests over, they can spend the night in comfort and warmth-perfect for when it gets colder! There are a lot of DIY projects found online so you don’t need to hire anyone to convert the garage for you. Keep in mind that you’ll need a window and a door that can open and close for this garage conversion idea to work.

4. Create A Kids Playroom

Kids often love playing in the garage. It’s like their own private space where they can run around and be kids. This is also great for when it’s raining outside because your kids will stay inside and get some exercise from playing in the garage. A few ideas of what type of stuff you should have in a garage for kids include a slide, playhouses, and a swing. You could also get your kid an indoor trampoline to bounce on whenever they feel like it. Make sure to get your kid’s soft play mats so they can absorb shock whenever they fall down. When you have a garage, make sure to use it for something-the possibilities are endless!

Garage conversions are a great way to make the most of your space and create something functional. If you want to take advantage of how much room garages offer, we recommend using it for one of these four ideas: turning it into a nice studio, whether it’s for music or photography, workout gym, kids playroom, or guest bedroom. These garage conversion ideas will help add value to your property while also improving your quality of life! The best part is that they’re all easy DIY projects-you don’t need any experience in design or construction because all you’ll really need is time and effort (and maybe some guidance from). We hope this blog post has been helpful and informative.

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