11 Tips For An Unforgettable Vacation With Your Spouse

Although we won’t undermine the experience of traveling solo, one can not deny that an excursion with your significant other is always a better idea!

So, do you want to spend some adventurous yet intimate time with your significant other? There’s nothing better than a trip together to spend some quality time with one another at the Punta Mita Villas. A romantic getaway will help you keep that spark between you and your spouse. Traveling with your partner will give your relationship a fresh vibe. If you are already planning a much-needed trip with your partner, do not forget to follow these tips to make your trip as memorable as your first time.

  1. Book Destination With Mutual Discussion

When planning a romantic trip, remember that you are not going alone. Always discuss and settle for a place together. It’s better to get these things sorted beforehand to avoid any unpleasantness or inconvenience during your trip. Choose a suitable place to stay where you get complete privacy. Your place of stay matters a lot when traveling with your spouse so you can focus on your time together instead of being distracted by uncomfortable beds and busy streets. To have private time together, go for a luxury hotel room with a gorgeous view, kitchen, TV, and hot tub. If you’re visiting the Smokey Mountains, for instance, look for Gatlinburg luxury cabins to enjoy gorgeous views while you have every amenity you require at your disposal. Remember to do the research with your spouse and value their opinion while deciding on a place to stay.

  1. Limit The Phone Usage

It is quite important to put your mobile phones on the side for an unforgettable vacation. Nowadays, mobile phones take much of our attention that we fail to give to our loved ones. Doing this might be tough, but you will not regret this. However, do not forget to give space to each other every day for a certain amount of time. Doing this will make your time together more enjoyable. 

  1. Plan A Romantic Candlelight Dinner

Who would not like a romantic dinner with their spouse during vacation? Plan a beautiful dinner to surprise them on the trip. A grand romantic candlelight dinner might do the magic. Decorate the room beautifully with flowers and order your partner’s favorite foods. Or maybe an outdoor candlelight dinner is even better. You know what you both will like better. 

  1. Do Adventurous Activities Together

To bring your strong bonding back to life, try adventures. Go for activities that will make you laugh, cry, and scream together. Try bungee jumping, paragliding, parasailing, or diving. If your spouse fears height or water, help them get over it. Do it together to make them feel safe. But remember not to push their boundaries too much and respect their choice. At the end of the day, you both went there to enjoy yourself.


  1. Visit Theme Park

It might sound childish to some people, but when you are on a trip, this is exactly how you are supposed to act… childish! And do not forget, theme parks are not just for children. In fact, there are more activities for adults. Visiting theme parks and enjoying thrilling rides with your spouse will make your day full of laughter and smiles. Therefore, never take this out of your to-do list.

  1. Have A Romantic Movie Night

A movie night will bring out your romantic side, and you can spend some intimate time with your spouse. You can either play your favorite movie on TV or go to a theatre to enjoy a big screen. In any case, This will definitely be different from your usual movie nights during your busy days. With relaxed minds, you and your partner will enjoy this moment wholeheartedly.

  1. Go For Hiking

Where hiking can be great for exploring mountains and watching scenic views, doing it with your spouse will be a whole different experience. Hiking demands both physical and mental strength. Doing it with your partner will help you communicate more and take care of each other. You will decide when to take a break based on each other’s opinion, as hiking involves communication with your companion.

  1. Click Limited Photos

Pictures help us keep our memories safe, but excessive photography takes away all our attention today. We get immersed in taking pictures so much that we forget to live the moment. Do not make these mistakes while on a romantic vacation with your life partner. Take pictures but do not obsess over them. A couple of photos are enough for a single place. Obsessing over them will take the fun out of your trip as you will not be able to enjoy your time.

  1. Surprise!

Surprise your significant other with a fun activity they would love to do. Surprising your spouse will lift their mood and make your trip rewarding. You can surprise your partner with anything they like, for example, a mug that says “best husband” or “best wife”. You could surprise them by making one of their bucket-list dreams come true. The surprise will show your partner how much you think about them or care about their happiness.

  • Try Not To Complain

Many things might not go the way you have planned them. But instead of complaining too much about it, let it go. Constant complaining will bring down the mood. Try to find a substitute if one thing does not work out. Remember to compromise on a few things to avoid an argument. You are there to enjoy and make memories with your partner so keep it that way.

  1. Hire A Babysitter

For the children, hire a nanny that will help you take care of them so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest! Many couples do not get to enjoy their vacation and worry about their children. Hiring a nanny will be a good idea. If you are uncomfortable leaving your children behind, book a place with lots of fun activities for children so you and your partner can have your time together.

Deal with patience to make your trip fun with your loved one. You will experience many moments where you might want to quarrel with your spouse but do not forget that you went there to have a good time. Compromising a little will not harm you. Do what makes them happy, and that will eventually make you happy. We hope these tips will help you plan an unforgettable vacation with your partner.

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