11 Reasons Why You Should Get a New Lenovo Laptop

Today, it’s very hard to manage life without a laptop computer. From online banking and bill paying to researching for school projects and working, laptops are essential.

But it can be very frustrating if your laptop is old, outdated, or too slow to actually use. If that’s you, you should consider upgrading to a new Lenovo laptop.

These affordable, powerful computers can make your life so much easier. They’ll make it much easier for you to browse the web and do what you need to do, whether you are a student, a remote worker, or a stay-at-home mom.

Want to know how to buy a laptop the smart way? Wondering why Lenovo is a good choice? Keep reading for 11 Lenovo benefits below.

  1. The Most Popular PC Brand

Many people are familiar with Dell, Microsoft, and Apple. These are the names with the biggest marketing campaigns, and as a result, the names that most people are familiar with.

So you might think you are in good company when you buy one of those computers. But actually, Lenovo makes up just over 25% of the total market share of PCs in the US, beating out Apple’s MacBooks by about three times.

That makes Lenovo the most popular brand for personal computers. So if you want a device that is reliable and trustworthy, Lenovo is a safe option.

Lenovo got its start in the 1980s. And it took over the personal computer side of IBM way back in the day.

  1. Wide Range of Computers

Some computer manufacturers just make one or two different computers (we’re talking about you, Apple). But most people don’t fit into just one or two categories.

Everyone is different and has different computer and internet needs. Finding a computer that fits your needs is so important. And Lenovo is one of the few brands that have a wide range of laptop computers.

They have a line of computers that are ideal for those who work from their computer. The ThinkPad is a powerful, efficient business laptop that will be a joy to use all day, every day.

College students love the Chromebook and the IdeaPad for their convenience, portability, and customization.

And of course, you can customize each computer model to suit your needs. Do you need a faster processor, for lots of video streaming, or heavy software use? Or do you need extra storage space for image and video files?

One of the biggest benefits of Lenovo computers is that you only pay for what you need, and nothing that you don’t.

  1. The Best Work Computer

The Lenovo ThinkPad is the best computer for work, hands down. If your company provides computers on behalf of its employees, there’s a good chance it’s going to be from Lenovo.

But if you need to choose your own computer, the ThinkPad is your best bet. Since today’s workers are mobile, thanks to the rise in remote work, Lenovo prioritizes ultralight, portable designs. It’s easy to carry these from bedroom to kitchen, and from office to coffee shop.

They’re also built to prioritize security from cyberthreats like never before. So wherever you are using your computer, you can rest assured knowing that business and customer information is safe.

The displays are beautiful and crisp. And you can use the touch screen to make notes with ease. They come with a camera on both the front and back, making Zoom meetings easy.

And let’s just mention the keyboard, You aren’t going to mind sending all those emails with the award-winning keyboard that feels so good under your fingers.

  1. Convenient Student Computers

Affordable student computers, in the form of the IdeaPad and the Chromebook, make college way better. The Chromebook is a tablet-style computer that can fit into a sleeve containing a keyboard.

But when you just need something light, leave the keyboard behind and just use the touchscreen to take notes and annotate books. It’s also perfect for younger students.

The IdeaPad is the better option as a college student, though. This thin laptop can fit easily into any backpack. They usually come with one year of access to Microsoft 365, letting you use tools like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and others like Skype.

Lots of ports let you stay connected and charged. And you can even plug an SD memory card directly into the computer for easily moving photos and videos.

  1. Good for Gamers

One of the most trusted computers for gamers on the go is the Lenovo Legion. In fact, it’s designed exclusively for gamers needing best-in-class processing power and graphics.

True gaming laptops are hard to come by since the hardware needs to be powerful enough for modern games, yet light enough to fit into a portable computer. The result is the Legion, which you can take from your home to hotel, and dorm room to the airplane with ease.

Legion laptops come with the latest Intel Core processors for maximum power. NVIDIA graphics chips are the current standard in gaming computers. And it’s easy to choose a model with a large, 16″ screen along with 1 TB of storage space, which is especially helpful for gamers.

  1. Way More Affordable Than Other Computers

When buying a laptop, one of the most important considerations is cost. Want to buy an Apple computer? The cheapest option will still set you back more than a thousand dollars, with higher-end models pushing $3,000.

You don’t need to spend that kind of money to get a long-lasting, high-performing laptop. If the work or school you do is primarily web-based and doesn’t require heavy software, you can get a top-notch computer for a few hundred bucks from Lenovo.

Student computers range from $200 to $400. Business computers can start as low as $900, though many people can get away with spending as little as $600 for a multifunctional computer.

  1. Long Battery Life

One of the most frustrating aspects of laptops is their battery life (or lack thereof). Most laptop users struggle to get through the day without needing to find an outlet at school or the coffee shop.

But long-lasting batteries are so important for users on the go. Usually, if you choose a laptop with high performance, it means the battery life stinks.

But with Lenovo, it’s actually quite easy to get the best of both worlds. Some of their laptops can last up to 13 hours on a single charge, so long as you aren’t watching videos or gaming.

If you can’t make it through the day with a 13-hour battery, you may have a different problem.

  1. Sleek Design

Some brands prioritize function over fashion. The computers might work well, but sure don’t look good. They are clunky and ugly.

But Lenovo understands that people need to use their computers in public. So all of their computers are sleek and gorgeous. You won’t mind busting one of these out at the coffee shop when you are surrounded by the latest MacBook Pros.

Even if you only spent a few hundred bucks on your Lenovo laptop, others around you will assume you spent a lot more, since Lenovo looks the part.

  1. Tablet and Laptop in One

Many of Lenovo’s computers are actually a 2-in-1. That means they function as both a laptop, with a full keyboard, and a tablet. So the screen is a touch screen and is very intuitive.

Some computers are detachable from the keyboard, such as the Chromebook. Others have a screen that can fold completely backwards. This includes certain ThinkPad models and Yoga models.

This flexibility is so convenient when you don’t need a keyboard taking up space, such as when you are on an airplane or watching videos on the couch.

  1. Get a New Lenovo Laptop on Sale

When you buy a Lenovo laptop on their site, you can usually score a pretty sweet deal. They frequently have many laptop models on sale, letting you save upwards of 50% on your brand new computer.

All orders also ship for free. And they have a rewards program available, so you can earn sweet discounts for being a loyal Lenovo fan.

And if you are planning to buy a new computer in the fall, they usually put up a Black Friday sneak peek a month or two early, so you can plan accordingly.

  1. Covered by Warranty

Laptops are at higher risk of damage, thanks to the fact that people take them anywhere and everywhere. Luckily, Lenovo laptops are covered by a 12-month warranty. So when purchasing a laptop, you can do so with confidence knowing that you have some degree of protection that first year.

Buy a Laptop With Confidence

Getting a new computer should be fun and exciting, not stressful, as you wonder how to pay for a super expensive computer. Instead, save your money and buy a new Lenovo laptop that can do everything that other computers do, for a much better price.

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