10 Tips on Choosing Window Contractors for Homeowners

Getting the best window job done isn’t about choosing products or styles; it’s about finding the right contractors. A good contractor will help you through the process of choosing your products and install them well the first time. 

Without any issues, you’re left to enjoy your new windows and move on to what’s next. If things go wrong, you might have to spend thousands of more dollars on repairs, replacements, and man-hours. 

Choosing window contractors well can relieve you from a lot of money and stress. We’re going to take a look at some of the things you can think about and find the best options for window contractors.

Let’s get started.

  1. Work With Personal Recommendations

The first thing you can do to ensure that you have a good experience replacing old windows is finding people that your friends and family have worked with. You’re sure to know someone who has replaced their windows in the last five years, so go to them first. 

Ask them who they worked with and see what kind of experience they had. Personal recommendations are the best way to get an approximation of what a contractor is really like. 

There are numerous other ways to get a good idea of how a contractor will work out, but they’re less detailed and personal than the recommendation of a friend. 

You can get an estimation of how the person interacts with clients, how honest they are, the kind of work they do, and what they cost. Further, you can inquire about any repairs or redos that need to be done. 

If you’re so inclined, you can also ask your neighbors about their contractors. If you drive by a home with beautiful windows and you’d like to have the same thing, it never hurts to inquire about the contractor. 

  1. Reading Online Reviews

When you don’t know someone who’s had a good contractor, the next best thing to do is look at online reviews. When there are several reviews on a contractor, you can get a pretty good idea of what they’re capable of. 

If you see overwhelmingly good reviews, you know that they do quality work, at least most of the time. The occasional negative review is bound to happen, especially when it comes to contracting work. 

People are particular about their houses, and they’re not afraid to be vocal about grievances online. So, try to find the dominant level of review and trust that as much as you can. 

If the contractor only has one or two reviews, that’s something to think twice about. Maybe they created new profiles to reset their review levels, or they’re just not experienced enough to have a large customer base. 

You might luck out and find a wonderful contractor who’s new to the game and has no reviews. On the other hand, you might quickly find out why the person has no reviews or only a few negative ones. 

  1. Budget Down Slightly

Any time you work with contractors, you have to understand that the quote listed isn’t an exact price on the work they do. 

Contractors can craft and mold things to your liking with the touch of a human being. They’re not robots, and that means that things can get a little messy at times. Something might take longer than expected, or you might make requests that extend the time it takes for them to complete the labor. 

Further, your home might throw a few curveballs at the contractor and prevent them from staying on course. All of this is to say that you can almost expect to pay a little more than the quote. 

For that reason, it’s wise to make choices that leave some room in your budget for things to go off track. If you get lucky and everything goes according to plan, you’ll have a few thousand dollars leftover that you can put toward something else. 

  1. Prioritize Honesty

This sounds like an obvious thing, but it’s a little more nuanced than you might think. We’ve all been “sold to” by someone who repeats claims of excellence, affordability, and quality. It’s what salespeople do, and a lot of contractors have to advocate for themselves to work. 

That said, those special claims about how wonderful someone’s work is can be difficult to back up. Someone who sells you to get the job might not be able to do the job in quite the way that they’re proclaiming. 

Your goal when talking with professionals should be to identify those people who you know are telling you the truth. People who lay down difficult facts about the project or ask you to adjust your expectations about what’s possible tend to be the ones who know what they’re talking about. 

A contractor doesn’t need to exclaim about their excellence if their work speaks for itself. So, be sure to look for people who will keep your expectations healthy and complete the job to your satisfaction. 

  1. Look for Windows in Advance

If you’ve started the process of looking for windows, you know that it can get spendy. Most people don’t appreciate the cost that comes with buying windows and having them installed. 

With that in mind, you might want to look for the windows you’d like to use before you speak with contractors. Contractors might have connections with window manufacturers or private businesses that deal with glass. That means they might have an incentive to work with those groups, regardless of how much money it costs you. 

Take a look at Renewal by Andersen Windows to explore some of your window options to run by the contractor you end up choosing. 

  1. Affordability

Naturally, you have to work with someone who falls into your price range. Most contractors that have experience doing glass work will be able to get the job done for you. That said, the more expensive ones might have the craftsman’s touch that the other guys don’t. 

So, weigh the value of your window’s appearance when you’re considering the contractor. The more you invest, the more likely you are to get a superior product. 

At the same time, the budding contractor with little experience might offer the best work at the lowest price. There’s a little bit of intuition that comes into play in these situations. 

  1. Be Inquisitive

If you’re a contractor, the fewer questions, the better. You want to get the job, and questions can get in the way of you getting a job that you know you can do. 

As the customer, it falls upon you to ask the person questions and get the answers you want. Ask about the time the person’s project normally take. Ask about their approach to the work. 

See if there are specific accommodations they can make for delicate areas of the home. These tend to be questions that you have to ask unless you want to just find out when the project rolls around. 

  1. Require Insurance

Contractors that are insured are the smart choice. Ensure that they have personal liability, worker’s comp, and coverage for any damage they might incur to your property. 

These things are a must, as there’s a lot of risks involved with installing new windows. You don’t want to be on the hook for those things, as they could easily outweigh the costs of having your windows installed in the first place. 

  1. Ask About Helpers

Most contractors will talk to you themselves and bring a crew along to the house when it comes time to do the work. 

Those secondary professionals will be the ones doing most of the work, but you rarely get a chance to talk with them. Ask your contractor about the crew they bring along to job sites. See what their requirements are for hiring someone and ask about how well they can do the job. 

  1. Give Clear Expectations and Needs

The final box to tick is to ensure that you and your contractor are on the same page. Write out your list of expectations and requirements for the job to be completed. 

If possible, ask the contractor to agree to this and even have a contract written up if you need to. Things can get a little messy if there aren’t clear expectations about how things should be done. 

Naturally, there will be some things that you have to leave to the discretion of the professional. That said, it’s your home, and you’re paying for the job. You want your window contractor budget to be used in the way you imagine it. 

Write those things down and make them very clear to the contractor, so there aren’t any issues when it comes time to do the work. 

Need Help Choosing Window Contractors?

Choosing window contractors can be challenging, but you’ll get through and find the professionals you need. It might just take a little thought and effort. We’re here to help you work with more ideas. Explore our site for more options for window contractors, rates, and much more. 

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